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WarmMark 2 Time Temperature Indicators 8c 46f
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WarmMark2 Time Temp Tags, with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, are a convenient and accurate device for cold chain temperature monitoring during shipping and storage of drug and medical products, vaccines, raw industrial materials, industrial chemicals, live animals, and refrigerated or fresh food products.

These devices monitor whether a product has been exposed to temperatures above a predetermined threshold. Response temperatures and run-out times (cumulative exposure time to a certain temperature value) vary with each WarmMark2 model.

When the WarmMark2 is exposed to conditions above the indicator temperature threshold, a blue front will appear in the run-out window. Run-out times are rated for 2°C above the temperature threshold of the device. Run-out indication will be faster at temperature greater than 2°C above the indicator response temperature. The time markers on the indicator indicate the longest period of time the product being monitored could have been exposed to temperatures above the threshold.